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Save money

Electricity costs can account for a large portion of monthly expenses for homes, businesses and non-profits. With a solar panel system, you get clean, free energy for the 25+ year life of your system.

earn on your Investment

Solar is one of the best investments you can make. It is a better investment than stocks and bonds Earn as much as 20% or more on your investment in solar System payback in as little as 3-8 years.

increase property value

Multiple studies show that a home or business equipped with a solar panel system have higher property values (estimated up to 6%) and sell more quickly than homes or businesses without solar.

Support the Environment

Future generations will depend on the ecosystems we leave them with. The average residential solar system can offset 250,000 pounds of CO2, which is equivalent to planting 21,700 square feet of trees.

Welcome to First American Solar
We are a solar panel system installation company located in the city of La Crescenta and serving all of Southern California. We specialize in residential, commercial and non-profit solar installations.

We Are Unlike Any Solar Installation Company
you have ever worked with. We are very simple to work with as there are no pushy sales people or sales games. Our prices are firm (very firm) because we do our research to make sure everything is priced as aggressively as possible without compromising the quality of our work or materials.

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Some of Our Work

Frequently asked questions

Most of our systems come standard with 25 years warranty on the panels, production, racking, workmanship and roof penetration warranties. This gives our customers peace of mind and an additional reason to go solar with us. We stand strongly by the quality of our installations and are committed to providing the most satisfactory experience when going solar with First American Solar.

Residential installations generally take 1-3 days depending on a number of factors. From start to finish, the entire process takes a typical 4-6 weeks. Depending on the AHJ, however, it could be slightly sooner or longer. The (F)irst (A)merican (S)olar (T)eam is F.A.S.T. when it comes to getting all the necessary paperwork together for our installations, but we like to take our time during the actual installations to ensure utmost quality of work.

First American Solar has its own installation teams so there is no need to use subcontractors. We hire top talent and undergo an extensive training for our installers to ensure every solar project is completed in the same manner we would want our own solar systems installed. By trusting First American Solar with your installation, you are giving your project off to experienced individuals who have an immense background in solar installations small scale to large scale.

Yes! On each installation, we include a monitoring setup which enables you, the home/business owner to see your solar panel production in real-time via mobile app and/or website. Particularly with optimizers and micro inverter installations, you have the advantage of seeing each individual panels production. 

We start off by learning how much energy you used in the last 12 months (or up to last 12 months). What we look at is the actual kWh (or kilowatt hours) and also take into consideration whether you are expecting to use more or less energy after the installation of your solar system. Next, we take this information and design your system using high resolution satellite imagery, LIDAR data, solar irradiance, shading, solar panel efficiency, local weather station reports, tilts, azimuths, degradation, and many other factors to give you the most accurate estimate on what your solar system is actually going to produce. 

First American Solar is an all-in-one solar energy solution serving the residential, commercial and non-profit community. Have more questions? Please contact us.

What Our clients say

I had an excellent experience with Tony and Joseph from First American Solar. I have a small-to-medium sized house in L.A. with a shingle roof. The roof has many different pitches -- in other words, it doesn't have one large place to put a bunch of panels -- and I wanted to put panels on both the house and the garage, which required some trenching between the two. Tony and Joseph worked patiently with me to develop a plan, and we now have 25 panels on the roof producing a lot of power. I researched numerous solar companies on the web and yelp before deciding whom to hire, and I ultimately met with representatives of four different companies in the L.A. area to get their proposals. After competitive bidding among them, First American offered me the best deal and also had the people (especially Tony) that I felt would quickly respond to my calls/emails/texts and get me the results I wanted. First American was not the largest company I spoke with, but I was also comfortable they would meet their guarantees (and, in my opinion, the most important guarantees are the panel warranties from the panel companies). Once I signed with them, Tony and Joseph absolutely delivered on what I wanted. They were highly responsive; they worked quickly; they handled everything with LADWP; and they were always pleasant to work with. In addition, I found them to be honest and straightforward. In retrospect, they could have up-sold me to a bigger electric panel to handle the new power, which could have cost an additional $800 to $2,400, but they checked out my existing panel and concluded it wasn't necessary, even after I had approved them to do the upgrade. I recommend them without reservations and am very happy with my solar panels. I also recommend going solar -- it's fun to see the power we're generating on the iPhone app and to know that we're saving money and doing something good for the planet.
Lance J.
Los Angeles, CA
"I just wanted to give a big thanks to the First American Solar team! The time and effort put into helping us with such an investment was outstanding. We are very satisfied with every aspect of their service from pricing, design to customer service. Our electricity bill before was over $200 every month. It's been almost a year and our electricity bill has been around $10 per month. Couldn't be happier with our investment - we will be referring him to multiple friends and family in the future. They truly care about their customers."
Lucy S.
Glendale, CA
"From my very first call with First American Solar it was clear that they knew their trade very well. They understood what we were looking to achieve and were able to give us some great options to choose from. The team that did our installation was so polite, courteous, and truly professional. They did everything they promised and my wife and I are so pleased with the results. I would highly recommend this company.
Shane B.
Orange, CA
"Had an amazing experience with this company. I recommend First American Solar because of their honesty, pricing and legitimacy of their work. We got an 8.4 kW system installed which has been covering our full electricity usage. We financed the system instead of paying outright. To put in short, we wanted to pay less for our electricity and that's what we got. They were not pushy with their sales and treated our home like one of their own. Thank you to the hard working team at First American Solar!!"
Chris r.
Granada Hills, CA