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We will find the right Solar Panel Installation Plan that fits your budget and power needs.

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Feel free to contact us! We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. 

If you prefer a home visit, One of our representatives can be sent to your location for your convenience. 

Our Promise

We vow to educate you on how Solar works, inform you on all the incentives the federal government has to offer when you go solar, and guide you through the entire process

We guarantee not to solicit or share your information with any third parties. The only time we will contact you is in regards to your inquiry or as otherwise requested by you, the client. 

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"We are so pleased with the service provided and the level of care and integrity given to our project. If anyone is looking to go solar, I would highly recommend First American Solar."
Yelp Customer
"They truly care about their customers. If your roof is right for solar (which they are very honest about) you will indeed save money. We got qualified for their 12 months no payment program, and we are still pay nothing. If you are considering solar, then I would highly recommend contacting them. Thank you Tony and the whole team!!!"
Yelp Customer
"We received strict and honest numbers, advice and answers. Everyone who was working on my parents' house was practical and their turn-around times were exemplary. Also, we received a bonus after the installation of our system which actually made us profitable from the get-go."
Yelp Customer